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Farzad Rastegar

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Mr. Rastegar is an attorney with 25 years of experience representing plaintiffs in complex employment, consumer, and commercial claims in individual and class actions.  Mr. Rastegar has obtained numerous judgments for clients in both trials and arbitrations and resolved various class action cases in excess of hundreds of millions of dollars.


Mr. Rastegar is the founding and managing partner of the Rastegar Law Group, APC. In that capacity, he is involved in strategy decisions and litigation tactics in most of the firm’s cases. This level of individual involvement has been the driving force behind the success of the firm.


Most recently, Mr. Rastegar was selected by group of Judges at Los Angeles Superior Court, Complex Division to be among only 5 select plaintiff’s attorneys to be a member of the Wage and Hour Sub-committee of the Los Angeles County Bar advisory committee to the Los Angeles Superior Court Complex Division.


Mr. Rastegar’s focus is on representing individuals and employees who have no means of hiring and paying for an attorney on an hourly basis, against large corporations with unlimited funds and resources.


Areas of Practice


• Employment Litigation

• Business Litigation

• Commercial Litigation

• Consumer Protection

• Unfair Competition

• Real Estate


Professional Associations and Memberships


• State Bar of California

• National Trial Lawyers Specialty Associations

• Consumer Attorneys Association of Los Angeles

• California Employment Lawyers Association

• National Employment Lawyers Association



Selected Case Results:


• $2,500,000.00 wage and hour class action recovery for employees of an electronics company. Employees received as much as $11,961.00 per person.


• Obtained a $110,000.00 settlement for claimed wrongful termination of an individual client, after only two weeks of employment.


• $26,000,000.00 Class action recovery for employees of a hospital for wage and hour violations, particularly working an alternative work week schedule of 4 days per week, 10 hours or more per shift.


• $1,950,000.00 Class action recovery for employees of a hotel for wage and hour violations, particularly missed and late meal and rest breaks and overtime violations.


• $1,400,000.00 award obtained for attorneys’ fees in addition to recovery for the client in an employment discrimination arbitration.


• Published Opinion in Yocupicio v. PAE Group, LLC, et al., 795 F.3d 1057 (9th Cir. 2015).  The Ninth Circuit ruled in Mr. Rastegar’s client's favor and held that, in a case alleging class claims and non-class claims, non-class claims cannot be used to calculate CAFA's amount in controversy.


•  Gasio v. Target Corp., 2014 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 129852 (C.D. Cal. Sep. 12, 2014), a reported decision permitting class-wide discovery even though the employer has a lawful policy because “[t]he fact that a company has a policy of not violating the law does not mean that the employees follow it, which is the issue here.”


• $850,000.00 Class Action Recovery for employees who were improperly working an alternative work week schedule of 4 days per week, 10 hour shifts.


• $5,400,000.00 Judgment representing a client for wrongful termination for voicing concerns about sexual harassment by company’s CEO.


• $375,000.00 recovery for a client sexually harassed by company’s CEO.


• Franco v. Athens Disposal Company, Inc.  Lead a team of attorneys that won an appellate victory which resulted in a published opinion in favor of Plaintiffs.


• Gutierrez v. California Commerce Club, Inc. Lead a team of attorneys that won two recent appellate victories, one of which resulted in a published opinion in favor of Plaintiffs.


• Gutierrez v. California Commerce Club, Inc.:  Obtained a $5,000,000.00 settlement on behalf of employees for rest and meal violations.


• Rodriguez v. EMI:  Published opinion establishing the new California law regarding the provision of rest breaks.





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