Jason A. Rastegar

Dedicated to justice and advocacy, Jason Rastegar leads Rastegar Law Group’s development while championing workers’ rights and impactful legal solutions.

Jason Rastegar, a first-generation American born to parents who fled religious persecution, developed a deep appreciation for the justice-driven legal system of the United States from an early age. This early exposure ignited a lifelong passion for justice and advocacy.

Since joining Rastegar Law Group in 2012, Jason has played a pivotal role as the firm’s Practice Development Manager. In this capacity, he has led business development initiatives, managed employee recruitment, implemented and maintained information technology systems, and provided essential legal assistance to seasoned attorneys.

Jason’s academic achievements are marked by distinction. He graduated cum laude with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Entrepreneurship, focusing on Business Law, from Loyola Marymount University. He then pursued his Juris Doctor degree at Loyola Law School, the top-ranked part-time law program in California. During his studies, Jason consistently excelled, ranking in the top 50% of his class and earning multiple First Honors Awards for his outstanding performance in courses such as Ethical Lawyering, Law Practice Management, and Advertising Law.

Dedicated to public service, Jason has contributed as a legal extern at two prestigious non-profit organizations: Bet Tzedek Legal Services and Legal Access Alameda. At Bet Tzedek, he played a key role in the Employment Rights Project, advocating for the rights of low-wage workers to fair compensation and safe working conditions. His duties included assessing wage and hour violations, filing claims with government agencies, extracting electronic data, and researching the enforceability of arbitration agreements and minimum wage laws. At Legal Access Alameda, Jason researched a wide range of civil legal issues and collaborated with legal experts in Employment, Disability Discrimination, Civil Rights, Housing, and Eviction to provide legal assistance to low-income individuals throughout California.

In addition to his legal career, Jason is a licensed California Bureau of Real Estate Agent, specializing in commercial property management and acquisition since 2016.

Outside of his professional endeavors, Jason enjoys playing basketball, supporting the Los Angeles Lakers, exploring computer technology, and volunteering at the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank.


  • 5Loyola Law School - J.D. 2022
  • 5Loyola Marymount University - B.B.A. Entrepreneurship & Business Law 2018


  • 5California State Bar
  • 5United States District Court, Central District of California